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When to Apply for Social Security Benefits

One of the most critical parts of retirement planning is knowing when to apply for social security to get the maximum amount of benefits. By claiming at the most optimal age, you can earn more than you would if you claimed them years earlier.

6 Savvy Questions About Social Security

For those who are entering or nearing retirement, there can be a lot of confusion around Social Security, how it works and how it affects their retirement decisions. This article answers some of the most common questions on the topic, like when to apply, how to undo bad claiming decisions, how work affects benefits and options for divorcees and survivors.

Do You Need to Sign Up for Medicare at 65 if You’re Still Working?

For Medicare to work and be successful, it forces a rule that you must sign up for it when turning 65, or face multiple penalties that would affect you throughout the coverage. There is only one exception to this rule that would allow someone to sign up later without any penalties.

Will Working Longer Help – Or Hinder – Your Social Security Benefit?

As the age for retirement approaches, many people wonder if they continue working will their social security benefits get better. To find the answer, it is helpful to know how the benefits get calculated.

Social Security Planning for Couples: Maximizing Survivor Benefits

For those in a relationship, it’s important to consider the survivor benefits when planning for social security and how to make sure you claim at the right time to get the most benefits.

Americans Lose Trillions in Social Security

A recent study done by United Income has shown that when people claim Social Security too early, they are losing out on a large amount of money – collectively $3.4 trillion or $111,000 per household. Only 4% of retirees claim at the most optimal time! Make sure your path to retirement includes accurate planning to claim at the right time so you don’t lose out out on a higher potential income.