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NUA Tax Strategy: How to Roll Over Appreciated Company Stock 

If you hold a large amount of appreciated stock when leaving a job, it may be wise to look into tax breaks dealing with net unrealized appreciation (NUA). NUA is the growth in value of company stock held in your retirement plan from the point that it was purchased, to when you take it out. If you are in a high tax bracket with diversified taxable portfolios and have a large proportion of retirement assets in greatly appreciated company stock, this strategy makes sense for you.

Essential Tax Tips for IRAs

When it comes to taxes, IRAs have a lot of rules to follow that can often be confusing, causing people to make costly errors. Take a look at these tips that can help you follow the rules and avoid penalties and other consequences.

9 Reasons You Should Consult With Your CPA at Year-End 

The end of 2019 is approaching us quickly and a lot can change in a year. Make sure to consult with your CPA before the end of the year to discuss tax-planning ideas – especially if there has been a change in your financial situation during the year.

Tax Reform and Families: 3 Essential Changes

The changes to the new tax act are important to understand for every family – the government has said that about 60% of the tax cuts will go to families. We’ve included information on what the changes are and how they will affect families.

Estate Planning Under the New Tax Act: Everyone Needs a Review

Under the new tax act, only eight of every ten thousand estates will owe federal estate tax until the act sunsets in eight years. The estate exemption amount has doubled, but the increase doesn’t eliminate all of the estate planning issues and it could create others. The sunset itself poses new questions – aggressively gift now or wait? Talk to your financial advisor about the new changes and strategize the best way to react.

5 Year-End Strategies for Charitable Giving

Many people don’t know that there are more ways to support causes financially instead of a cash or check. Take a look at these alternate ways to donate that can also allow a better possibility of saving money through tax breaks.

New Ways to Give to Charity

The high standard deduction can make it very difficult for taxpayers to be able to itemize their deductions. However, there are some tips that you can incorporate into your charitable contribution planning that will help you not only exceed your deduction, but also be able to get back to itemizing and ultimately lower your tax bill.