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An Overview of Asset Transfer Strategies

You never know what might happen next – and where you might need to move funds in response or in preparation. While some of these life changes that necessitate financial adjustments may be obvious, others are less so. Discover what situations may prompt you to rearrange your finances, and some foundational transfer options, in this article.

6 Tips for Organizing Your Records

Economist Edmund Burke once said, “Good order is the foundation of all things.” We certainly believe that to be true of your money management! Be ready for anything by building better systems for storage, access, and recollection of your financial records with this helpful guide.

A Pre-Divorce Checklist

The end of a marriage is always difficult. It can be nearly impossible to make sense of how to handle your life and your finances through such a tumultuous life change. We’ve compiled a list of issues to consider and documentation to gather as you prepare to navigate through this troubling time.

Financing a New Baby: The Cost of Parenthood

Family planning and financial planning go hand in hand, and a little foresight can go a long way as your family starts or continues to grow. Understand all of the costs you may be facing before welcoming a new child so you can better prepare for their future.

Sell or Rent: Deciding What to Do With Your Home

When a change in location becomes imminent, homeowners are often faced with the option to either sell their current home, or to rent the home while retaining ownership. Clarify your long-term goals and make an informed decision using this handy guide.

50 Things: What a Financial Professional Does for You

We certainly believe there are ample benefits to working with financial professionals, but don’t just take our word for it!  Check out these 50 items that you may or may not realize a financial professional can do for you.

Motivational Quotes from Legendary Wall Street Investors

The COVID environment can feel overwhelming and challenging. However, in times of trouble, we can find inspiration from those who have risen out difficult times and were made stronger from it. This article includes quotes from legendary investors that may give you the motivation you need to get through this difficult time.

What is Your Money “Archetype”?

Understanding your inner investor’s habits, tendencies, and attitudes can give you a leg up in the financial world.  Discover and analyze your conscious and subconscious behaviors towards money handling to develop a better relationship with your finances and investments.

10 Ways to Protect a Small Business From Hackers 

If you own a small business, set time aside to make sure your business is protected and you’re aware of the common tactics used by hackers so you can help your business and yourself be safe and secure.

Is a Cash Windfall in Your Future? 

The moment when you come into a large amount of cash can be exciting and overwhelming. If you are aware of a cash windfall coming soon, be proactive in preparing a plan so you can be ready when the time comes.

Planning Opportunities Coronavirus Checklist

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench into many financial plans, goals and ideas. Situations like being out of work, receiving the stimulus check, having a business that needed to close, etc are all things that have gotten people everywhere worrying about their plans and how to use their finances (or lack thereof) in the best way possible. This checklist is full of questions that are not meant as recommendations, but more so a way to encourage thinking and starting conversations about planning opportunities. If you have any questions or want to begin implementing changes to your current financial plan, contact your financial advisor to talk them through.

4 Common Elder Scams – How to Stay Safe and Fight Back

The elderly are often a target of scams – in fact, over two million become victims to them every year. It’s important to understand the common signs to look out for and what to do if you or someone you know is being targeted. This article outlines the most common types of scams and how to notice them before you become a victim.

Why a Credit Freeze is the Best Response to a Data Breach

Hackers and data breaches are part of the fabric of operating in a digital world, and they can devastate a business’ finances. Beef up your financial data security to be proactive against potential breaches before they happen, rather than reactive once your data has been compromised.

11 Financial Tips to Make Caregiving Easier

Being a caregiver for a family member or loved one takes a lot of love, patience and understanding. While it can be emotionally overwhelming, the financial aspect can be just as difficult, and this sector often doesn’t get the attention it needs. This article offers 11 tips that can help you manage your loved one’s finances in a more effective way. In addition, discussing this issue with your financial advisor can help further by offering more tips, guidance and resources.

5 Ways to Boost Your Security Against ID and Credit Card Theft 

It has become very common to hear news about someone’s identify or credit card information getting stolen. Take a look at some ways to protect yourself from this type of theft.

Creating A Financially Organized Life

Managing your finances can be tricky enough, but trying to handle your financial planning without a strong organizational system can be more than stressful – it can have a significant impact on the health of your financial life. Discover strategies for better filing, budgeting, and scheduling to better control your financial health.

Disaster Planning – Steps for Guarding Your Assets

Disaster Planning can often be forgotten about when people think of their financial strategy, but it’s a very necessary aspect to consider as it can be a key to help protect you, your family and your assets during or after a sudden emergency.

The Millennial Balancing Act of Paying Off Student Debt and Saving for Retirement 

Many Millenials are facing the common problem of trying to pay off their student debt while also trying to save for retirement. With the steep costs of student loans debt and the large expenses projected in retirement, Millenials will need to plan their budgets wisely.

Understanding Guardianship for Older Adults 

The role of guardianship over the elderly used to be a very all-or-nothing scenario that caused a lot of issues, but it has since been revised and adapted to be more helpful to both the older adult and the potential guardian.