Estate Management

Professional Management for Trustworthy Transitions

When a taxpayer dies, a new taxpaying entity — the taxpayer’s estate, is born. The estate is established to make sure no taxable income falls through the cracks. Income is taxed either on the taxpayer’s final return, on the return of the beneficiary who acquires the right to receive the income, or, if the estate receives income, on the estate’s income tax return.

Dedicated to Helping Families Navigate Estate Transitions

We are dedicated to helping families navigate estate transitions, managing all details of the taxpayer’s estate while respecting your needs in a compassionate manner. We work closely with executors and trustees to ensure that they receive the necessary guidance to navigate the often complex process of wealth transfer with respect to tax filing requirements.

Working with our client’s investment advisors, insurance experts and estate attorneys, our goal is to deliver the most efficient, coordinated, and professional transition of a taxpayer’s estate. We can also draw on our professional network for clients who are looking for experts in these areas.

Our integrated estate management approach is designed with a tax aware edge to minimize tax liabilities. Estate Management Services include:

  • Defining filing requirements and estimated taxes
  • Accounting for estate and trusts
  • Preparation of estate and trust income tax returns for all states
  • Evaluation of asset allocations and dispositions
  • Audit representation if necessary
  • Tax planning

Get Professional Management for Trustworthy Transitions

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